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AVXcelerated Delivery Terms and Conditions

D.W. Collins, Inc. DBA AVX Terms and Conditions for AVXcelerated Delivery


What is AVXcelerated Delivery?

  • Our goal is to provide you with convenient and efficient same-day delivery directly to your jobsite in El Paso.
  • With our economical monthly payment, you can order delivery as many times as you would like.
  • This service saves you time and money in fuel and in hours of productivity lost picking up product.


Payment Policy:
1. All AVXcelerated Delivery items are prepaid, unless otherwise specified by AVX.
2. Please see AVX Terms & Conditions for further details on payments, special orders, sales policy, etc.


Returns & Warranties Policy:
1. Returns and warranty/exchange items are not accepted via AVXcelerated Delivery. These items are only accepted physically in-store.


Delivery Policy:
1. Orders being delivered must be to a physical address. No PO boxes accepted.
2. Deliveries to a jobsite must be for a subscribed AVXcelerated Delivery Customer.
3. Refused or non-deliverable shipments are subject to shipping charges inbound and outbound.
4. Maximum wait time at the delivery location is 10 minutes. After this period of time, the delivery will be rescheduled.
5. A signature of acceptance will be required at ALL deliveries.
6. Any delivery irregularities must be reported at the time of delivery prior to an acceptance signature.
7. Same day delivery cut off time is 12:00N MST.
8. There will be a $15 charge (collected upon delivery) for deliveries containing TV’s larger than 50″.
9. There will be a $15 charge (collected upon delivery) for “hotshot” or expedited deliveries.
10. Monthly charges will be billed the 1st of every month. This is the prorated amount for the remainder of the month subscribed.
11. You may cancel at any time. The remainder of the prepaid month is non-refundable.
12. We reserve the right to cancel your subscription due to non-payment or non-adherence to the policies outlined here.


Disclaimer: AVX is a “wholesale” distributor of consumer electronics and will only sell to retailers in the electronics industry (retailers are considered, but not limited to the following; companies reselling the products to consumers and contractors or custom installers providing a service along with the products to consumers). Note: Government, churches, non-profit organizations, and educational entities are exempt from this but are required to provide documentation proof.
AVX supplies products with the understanding that you as the contractor/reseller are responsible for proper installation and requirements set for by the governing laws in your area. Every effort has been made to ensure the integrity of this publication; occasional omissions, typographical errors or misprints may occur. AVX reserves the right to change our policies, prices, and procedures without prior notice. You are personally responsible for all the additional charges that may occur due to the terms outlined in this document. By agreeing to these terms, you also agree that we may use your information for business-related communication. Your information will not be shared with any third-party entities.